How to  fill in an online form for the eisteddfod

  • You must be logged in to be able to fill in a form and submit it. Please login or Register.
  • Once you Logged in, CLICK  the FORM menu item on the top.
  • This will show you all the ENTRY forms available for submission.
  • Scroll through the list and click the entry form you wish to submit.
  • This will open and entry form page for this syllabus showing today’s date. Please fill in all the fields, Fields marked with a * are compulsory and must be added to submit. If the form will not submit please check the error fields marked in RED, correct and submit again.
  • If you have completed the additional fields in your profile on registration, then your info will be auto filled in the top fields saving you having to add them each time.
  • If you have multiple entrants on a form to fill in , please enter the first one, then press the ADD+ button and fill in the second one,…and so on till you are complete.
  • Each entrant will create a sub total , with a total cost on the bottom.
  • On completion Click the SUBMIT button.
  • The system will confirm your application by email to your login email address.
  • Once your TOTAL payment has been received you will have registered your applicants.
  • Syllabus payments:
  • Bankbesonderhede

    • Naam van Rekening : Wes-Boland Eisteddfod
    • Bank: Nedbank
    • Tjekrekeningnommer : 1285 041 704
    • Malmesbury Takkode: 154 605
  • Please email proof of payment with your entry information to
  • Thank you


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